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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  June 25, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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>> gotcha. duh but do it with incentives that make it cheaper to manufacture here than it does to manufacture or sell abroad. great timing governor. glad to have you join us here. >> exciting time to be in the uk for sure. >> indeed. european leaders scrambling as britain get to vote to leaving. which nation could be next in leaving the eu? we'll tell you about the meetings going on tight right now. and a poster by the architect of the brexit sparking some controversy.
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sne the latest on what's happening overseas. tensions high after uk declares its independence from the european union. and angela merkel calling for a
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quote good objective climate and he she added there is no need to be quote, nasty. and a scottish calling for --. nicola sturgeon saying a new referendum of independence from scott and shall britain is very much must have on the table. and ford motor company, employs 14,000 people in great britain saying it will take whatever action is needed to remain competitive and profitable. so let's talk about which country's populous movement could spark their country to leave the eu. morgan, good to see you. let's talk about scotland first of all. part of my ancestry is scottish so i'm particularly interested in that. what's happen there? they as the reason voted to stay
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in the eu what's going? >> scotland is the outlier in this whole discussion. they -- clearly from their referendum vote last year which narrowly won to keep them in the uk, they would actually prefer to leave the uk and stay in the eu. they see themselves much more as european citizens than as the part of great britain. >> italy, lets move onto the mainland. they had this vote last week to put in anti-blishlt mayor of rome. i understand there is a anti-establishment movement there not completely dislar to the uk or here for that matter. might they be the next? >> you are seeing this movement throughout europe and the united states. and you have to give trump and sanders credit for understanding that well before anybody in the establishment did. so when you look specifically at italy. here is just a small example of what happened. when the lira in italy turned to the euro, workers in italy, the
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formula was not helpful for the lira. so people had wages and their goods everything was one way and overnight that changed and the cost of living, the goods and services with the euro went up dramatically. but the wages stayed the same or were even depressed. so europe has not completely recovered from the financial crisis. their growth has been slower than the growth in the u.s. which has been stagnant. >> you mention a good point which is that both a democrat and a republican, bernie sanders and donald trump took advantage of this. and i think it is happening over in europe too. you have this kind of strange alliance between some left wing people and some right wing people on the issue of being anti-establishment, don't you? >> well you heard many of the presidents and prime ministers of european countries that are part eu say this is a wake up call for the eu. this is not dissimilar to what's happened in the u.s. if you look at the eu parliamentaryians in brussels they are living high on the hog
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so a to speak and not paying attention to the needs of every day europeans. >> you hit a cord with me. i went over there. i was invited by the eu many years ago, about 20 years to see how it operated. strasburg, brussels and the two places the eu meet and it was like fat city. these people had expense account up the wazoo. >> sounds like washington d.c. >> well even worse if you can imagine. even worse than washington. three hour lunches and chauffeurs and everything. the people in europe are fed up. not only are they living high on the hog but they are telling everybody else what do. >> you are absolutely right. so i think when you look at france and germany and italy, the populous movements within the countries the elected officials are not empowered to be able to call for the referendum vote. however france has elections -- national elections next year and you can't underestimate these people. we have seen consistently in
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washington and in brussels when the voter is underestimated then the populous movement does well. i -- saying that we must respect the voter. instead of bureaucrats in brussels looking down and saying aren't these people just racist and they hate immigrants. it is not about that. it is respecting the voter and understanding the they are voting because to way of life -- >> they are voting because they know damn well, better than any of us or better than the elites exactly what is happening. they know that these people are really sucking everything they can out of economy in order to live better lives themselves. they are not adhering to the same rules and regulations they force everybody else to adhere too. >> i'll be honest. during the primary, i wasn't a trump fan and i totally dismiss his hans chances. and when i wrote that on op ed i said we have to stop and look
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and say why are we out of touch? what's happened with the vote sner what's happened again is when bureaucrats look down their noses at everyone else and tells them how they should live that is when the population says this isn't working and i'm getting rid of your power. >> thank you very much. great analysis. i appreciate it. a breaking point. the controversial poster behind the brexit. you might have seen it before. some said it was racist. it was anti-cultural, etc. but some here wonders if washington gets that message at all.
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uk independence party. they call it ukip over there. the winner is nigel farage. the big winner in all this. the main message against mass migration is one that he stuck to even when it sparked controversy.
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listen to what he told neil cavuto last year. >> what do we have to do to smarten up niejem? >> well good afternoon. first we have to recognize the mistakes of the past. let's be frank and honest about this. we now have within many european countries and dare i say it within the u.s.a. too a fifth column. living within our on countries. mercifully few in number but outlet out to destroy our civil dags and way of life. the biggest mistakes, we've promoted multi culturalism and division within our societies. we've said to large numbers of people you can come here from any part of the world. and oh please don't bother to integrate at all. you can take over parts of our towns and cities and make it a diverse nation. that hasn't worked. >> by the way that was right
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after the charlie hebdo attack in france, which preceded the big attack in paris and the ones later. form are u.s. spokesman to the united nations joins us now. i think his multi culturalisms are pretty good. we should mention he guessed the brexit vote dead wrong. so he's not always right but what do you think about the remarks on multi culturalism. >> he's got a great point. one thing i learned after being at the u.n. for 8 years, is that every single country on planet earth acts selfishly. the united states is the only one who gets in trouble for it and we get called out for it. but every country acts selfishly on its own behalf. what the problem is that when the elites running the country act selfishly for themselves and not the people, then the people stand up and throw them out.
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and i think we have to be able to do it more. it is a very jeffersonian principle actually to throw somebody out when they are not acting for the people. and what we've seen with the brexit vote and i think with bernie sanders and donald trump is that the people are realizing that the institutions that have been established. whether they be the european union orb the imf or even the united nations. when those institutions county work for the people the people get really frustrated. >> they do and i think you are going in a very deep way and i want to continue that. but there is a simpler fact, which is that people just see these huge numbers of refugees. in germany you have over a million in a year. the uk i understand they were expecting a hundred thousand. they got 300,000. so how much is just a knee jerk reaction to this. >> the institutions created to bring in the immigrants and to,
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from the pulpit so to speak to talk about the importance of immigration. those individuals are not realizing that as immigrants come in, they are not assimilating. so it is a big problem that the elites are not seeing. and so the people are standing up saying look, when i see sanctuary cities developing, this is a whole concept, where you allow people to break the law and look the other way because of this p.c. culture. >> that is a great example. >> that says don't push them. that is real beginning problem. we see nit california big time. we have a woman running for the senate. she's created sanctuary cities all over california where police are really mocked and ridiculed if they try to enforce the law. and we saw that problem in brussels, where there is a sanctuary city for islamic extremists. and what happens is it is not
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see something, say something. it is see something, say something, get called a racist or anti-immigrant and who is the racist when you allow people to break the law, which is in what some of the areas of the world where they have sharia law, that would be a violation of our constitution. if we allowed some of those practices under sharia law to take place in the united states in a sanctuary zone, if you will. who is the real racist if you deny people their human rights in order to be multi cultural? >> yeah, no i think that is a great point. what conservatives have to do is a better job of separating illegal immigration from immigration. the democrats keep blurring it together. we're supposed to be against immigration when wheal we're against anti-immigration. >> let's play the sound. >> we see in europe.
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we see it in other parts of the world. and we see it in my home country. where some politicians find it convenient to scapegoat immigrants instead of welcoming them. divide us based on religion or ethnicity rather than unite us on our common humanity. build walls instead of bridges. it has been un-american what we've been seeing. >> what do you make of those remarks, rick? >> this whole idea that you blame america for trying to enforce its borders is ridiculous. every country tries to enforce its borders. also we should point out that this is a man, the vice president of the united states who has mocked pakistans and indians. he's regularly immigrants and yet somehow the wave of p.c. culture says that if you want to enforce borders, if you want a pause on the very real problem
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that syrians are presenting because they don't have documentation because of this isis, you know, terror state. if you want to pause, that somehow you are the one that is anti-immigrant or racist. it is really outrageous. >> former u.s. spokesman to the united nations. thank you rick. german chancellor angela merkel's reaction to brexit. fox business network's adam shapiro is in berlin and following all of this from the brandenburg gate. that is a historic site to be following this. what is the latest on jvrm's reaction? -- germany's reaction? >> well the chancellor angela merkel, david, is trying to control reaction from eu leaders who are very angry with the uk and want the divorce process sped up. in fact one of them jean claud juncker said there is no reason to wait, i would like to get started immediately.
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but angela merkel was in pots dam this morning immediating with members of the conservative party here in germany and she was putting a calm face to it. saying the uk will remain a close partner with whom we are connected economically, share mutual guarantees as nato partners and are connected in other ways. so angela merkel has reacted and of course the foreign ministers from several other eu nations are here as well. >> you are going to hear nigel farage's reaction in the next hour. but first major american comp y companies exposed to the brexit drama. what you need to know about that. and forget the battle over
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hillary clinton about to team up with elizabeth warren in ohio on monday. she's said to be on clinton's short list for vp, which wall street doesn't like. on the other side, we've got donald trump taking on trade. that doesn't jazz wall street either. so which candidate is better for your money? let's ask mark and steve laser. good to see you both. steve, you know that the public is is weary of wall street in many ways. on the left because the wall street dance and wall street movement. on the right, they didn't like the bailout and they think that wall street benefits at the expense of main street, so, so
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who do we follow on this? >> well, hillary clinton's position is yes, there's been some problems with wall street. let's fix those. let's not demonize an entire industry. >> i thought that's what the democratic bills were all about. right? >> there's more to fix. loopholes with hedge funds. the shadow banking industry. that has to be brought there, but the other thing. >> hold on a second. let me get mark in here. what steve is telling me is we're going to have a lot more regulations if hillary's the president. >> she's going to continue this strangle hold that the government in washington has on american growth. growth in our economy. wall street's done great over the past seven years, but the economy has done lousy because of obama policies that hillary clinton plans to continue. she's not talking about tax cuts. she's going to tax the most wealthy and wall street and corporations more. donald trump, he's going to give
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us a 15% corporate tax rate for all businesses in america. >> steve, the problem is that hillary is associated with these big guys. with the big bankers for whom she gave expensive speeches. big corporations who came out for her, including om republicans. is that an albatross around her neck in. >> it is. the best way to reform an industry is to understand it. >> policies to bring in wall street to fix the problems, but she understands them. they know she's going to fix the problems without destroying. >> i don't know. what do you think? >> she is tied to wall street like nobody's business. she owes wall street. donald trump owes nobody so he's going to put tax reform as the first priority. hillary clinton owes wall street. >> bottom line is nobody particularly cares for wall street interests exstept people making money from it.
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developments are coming in fast and furious after the uk br brex brexit. french president says the british vote pose nug questions for the planet. okay, he's planetary. he is voeing to maintain relations with fwraet britain particularly with migrants crossing between the two countries. the europe central bank is warning britain's financial industry it could lose the right to service clients in the european union. that could with a big problem. jpmorgan, which has 16,000 workers in the uk says it's goin to don't maintain a large presence in london regardless of the threats and after the dow's


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